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Our Purpose at Higher Up is to serve under-supported neighborhoods confronted with tough issues such as having a gang presence, increased criminal activity or other negative influences. We make connections with people in such neighborhoods and look for others to connect with them as well to help them Step Up to a higher place, Socially, Intellectually, Physically and Spiritually.

Here are some examples of how we are ministering to the four foundational needs of Residents in the Boxwood Drive neighborhood of Mount Prospect, Illinois…

Neighborhood Food Days, where we hand out food to families in need.  Not just on Boxwood, but families in Des Plaines and the surrounding communities

Community Events, Higher Up organizes community events that build pride and encourages the Residents of the Boxwood community.

Leadership Training, for teens and young adults who are mentored and encouraged to reach their full potential as leaders in the community.

Job Search Training, a program called “Hire Up” that prepares teens and adults to succeed in their search for employment.

The Ministries of Higher Up wouldn't be possible without the partnership of many people.
The Higher Up Board, Adult Volunteers, Donations from Individuals, Churches, Businesses and other Organizations that want to see this under-supported neighborhood become a better place to live and grow.

For more information about Higher Up, please contact us at: (847) 398-8094.

Small Groups 
      Food Day        
Small Groups
                     Small Groups, discussion groups to talk about issues that the participants, of all ages, are dealing with, and show how the teachings in the Bible can help them handle those issues.
Community Events
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