Higher Up Ministries

Community Events

Higher Up Ministries believes “Community” is more than people existing together. But that True Community is people interacting with each other, helping one another, working together and playing together. So, we work towards building Community in the Boxwood Drive area through regular events. We also host community-wide events once every quarter, and also provide special activities for teens.

The Boxwood Bash. A Neighborhood Festival since 1991. Area Businesses, Churches and Agencies, along with the Village of Mount Prospect Police, Fire and Social Services Departments, all come together to set up fun game booths with prizes. There are free refreshments, drawings and prizes!

School Break Events. During the schools Spring and Winter breaks, Higher Up’s Youth Center is opened for extended hours to provide fun activities for teens, children and adults as well. We have great food and holiday refreshments, door prizes for just about every person who comes.  There are crafts, games and prizes for people of all ages.

Higher Up Ministries has many other activities and events for specific groups with-in the community. Camping trips for teenagers, 5 Day Bible Clubs for children, a Thanksgiving Dinner for the regular participants in the programs. These are just a few of our special activities.

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